As an officially accredited MinecraftEdu trainer I am able to offer training and support to help in implementing Minecraft into your classrooms. If you are interested in training please use the form on the contact us page.

Below are links to pages detailing some of my MinecraftEdu maps as well as download links and supporting documents. Feel free to download and use as you see fit. If you have any feedback on these maps feel free to let me know via the contact us page.

Animal Cell

A 3D animal cell for students to tour. There is a version designed with information for senior Biology students as well as one in which you can add your own explanation text in your own words for your students.


A world dedicated to Mathematical skill consolidation for year 8 students. Includes topics like area, perimeter, probability and many more.

Pre-CAL Numeracy

A world with a complete currency system designed to assist in teaching real life mathematics skills.

Contour Maps

A map designed to help students understand the concept of contour maps. Students can build a contour map of a mountain, as well as build a mountain from a contour map.

21 Questions

One of my first maps, somewhat dated and difficult to use, but still worth a look. It consists of 25 paths of 21 questions each. Each section requires the students to get all the questions in the room correct before they can continue.

Reaction Times

A map to perform reaction time experiments in Minecraft. This map consists of 6 identical test stations where students are, at teacher discretion, dropped from a high platform and must place blocks as quick as they can.


The Path to Percentage Perfection is included in the Pre-CAL Numeracy world, but is also available as a standalone world. This world contains 8 percentage questions, based in a unique story of enlightenment. There are also 17 hidden chests along the path which hold amazing treasure.